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Photography and Floor plan Packages

Ideal for small, single room apartments.
Daytime shoot
6 Photos
Floor plan*
Perfect for two-bedroom apartments or units.
Daytime shoot
10 Photos
Basic home staging
Floor plan*
Perfect package for selling your home as it covers most rooms.
Daytime shoot
15 Photos
Premium home staging
Magazine-style images
Floor plan*
Give your listing a boost by updating the hero exterior shots with eye-catching twilight images.
Night time shoot
4 Photos
Twilight exterior only
Daytime shoot
6 Photos
Best Seller
Our best selling package, which covers all rooms and is perfect for medium to large homes.
Daytime shoot
20-25 Photos
Premium home staging
Magazine-style images
Floor plan*
Best Seller
Amazing package which covers all rooms, includes magazine-style shots and beautiful, exterior hero images.
Daytime interior
Twilight exterior
20-25 Photos
Premium home staging
Magazine-style images
Floor plan*
As homes look dramatically different day and night so this package ensures we capture the homes best features in both lights.
Day & Night interior
Day & Twilight exterior
30-35 Photos
Premium home staging
Magazine-style images
Floor plan*


When choosing a package, here is our advice:

  • For small units, rentals or homes we recommend either the Basic or Classic Package as these packages will cover most rooms such as bedrooms, living areas, kitchen, bathroom and some exterior.
  • For medium to large homes, we recommend the Premium package, which will cover almost all rooms, exterior and exterior views.
  • However, if you want to create the ultimate marketing campaign, then we suggest you look at either the Deluxe Twilight or Top Sale Price. As homes look dramatically different during the day or at night, you may want to showcase your homes best features during both these times.

Most real estate photographers can also create floor plans of your home. Floor plans are then used to give potential buyers an approximate view of your properties dimensions and layout. For example, is the kitchen big enough? Is there enough room for entertaining or room for the children? Floor plans can answer a lot of questions before the potential buyer has decided to look at your home.

That’s fine! We will simply deduct the cost of a basic floor plan from your selected package.

Yes we can! We prefer to work from builders plans as they tend to more accurate; however, we can redraw your property from an existing floor plan drawing.

We understand that life gets in the way sometimes or you just can’t get your home ready in time. AG Photography must have 12-hours’ notice of change in schedule, or a $25 cancellation fee may be charged. Note that changes due to bad weather will not incur a cancellation fee.

Yes, of course! We prefer that all our shoots on done on bright, sunny days, but unfortunately it’s not always possible. In the event of bad weather, which may cause damage to equipment or make work areas unsafe; for example, rain, heavy winds etc., the photoshoot will need to be reschedule.

Absolutely! In the event of bad weather, which may cause damage to equipment or make work areas unsafe; for example, rain, heavy winds etc., the photo shoot will need to be reschedule anyway.

However, if the weather is overcast, but still safe to work, then you we can only offer you the next best available spot.

Yes. Free sky replacement’s are offered on any images that have a dull or cloudy sky.

Although we ask that you read the Home Preparations Tips before a shoot, we understand that getting around to everything can we hard work! With Basic home styling, we may move items or small pieces of furniture to get the perfect shot. For example, we may clear off a kitchen bench top, remove fridge magnets, hide bins or toiletries.

Premium home staging is when we bring items into your home; for example, props, cushions, throw rugs, pillows, decorations, fake fruit and flowers etc., to enhance your homes best features or ‘jazz’ up a couch, outdoor entertaining area or make a bedroom more inviting.

Both of these services are optional if you would prefer that we didn’t move or add any items.


On the day of the shoot, the photographer from AG Photography will do a walk-through of the house to get a sense of the layout. The photographer may want to move some furniture or personal items, so let them know if you are happy to let them touch any personal items. If not, these are items you may want to move prior to the photographer’s arrival.

It all depends on the package that you have selected; however, most shoots range between 40-90 mins. The Top Sale package is generally split into two shoots, so you will need to either be home or give the photographer access to the property at both times.

Magazine-style photography is the art of creating intimate and
inviting spaces. They break away from the standard wide-angle
shots that sometimes just don’t tell the whole story.

With magazine-style photography, we can create images that show the lifestyle buyers are buying into; for example, a gorgeous view from a bed, dining table or sitting chair.

The turnaround time is 24-hours from the time we leave the property.

Regions covered by AG Photography includes the Victor Harbor area and surrounds. An extra ‘Travel Charge’ may be required for shoots 10km outside the Victor Harbor area. For more information, contact Angela Giles Photography.

A hero image is an image that showcases the properties best feature; for example, amazing views (rural or sea), brand new kitchen or something that will be a huge selling point when advertising.

Will the kitchen or pool be the hero image for the sign board? What is the main selling point of the property that we should ensure we focus on?

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