Is it important to prepare and stage your kitchen when selling your home?

As Sue Brand from Harcourts South Coast told us:

When selling your home, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms because it is the heart of the home and a lot of time is spent there by all members of the family. Ideally it needs to be a space both practical and inclusive where the family can gather and share their day while preparing a meal.

So, before you do anything, you should take a good look around this room and find things that don’t belong, distract the eye from important features, or look like they haven’t been moved in a while. Once you have decluttered, it’s time to get cleaning! If you feel short on time then consider hiring a professional to come in and clean for you as you need to ensure this room sparkles! Start by scrubbing your bench tops, back splashes, stove appliances, sink, cupboards and floor. Also, be wary of smells as odours can linger. I once photographed a kitchen that smelled like old Chinese takeaway! It wasn’t pleasant!

Note: Make sure that the bulbs over the stove are working because we will probably want to switch them on during the photo shoot.

Fridge magnets can be an eyesore especially if your fridge is cluttered with them. Remove everything from your fridge door; this includes photos postcards calendars and bills.

As kitchens rate highly on a potential buyers’ priority list,  it is important to dress this room accordingly. As we have said before, “less is always more”, so keep it simple, beautiful and elegant.

Here are some ideas for what you can do to make your kitchen look amazing:

  • Put out no more than two appliances for example a nice coffee machine or a kettle.
  • Add a cookbook on a cookbook stand near the stove.
  • Add a tray with some bottles of oils, a couple of fresh herb plants and some utensils. Be creative! Greenery looks refreshing in the kitchen so add a live plant or vase of flowers on the countertop.
  • Place brightly coloured fruit in bowls or tall vases. We love green apples or lemons for this trick.
  • Add a breadboard with an assortment of cheeses and grapes or a nice rustic bread loaf. Finally, add a nice bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and place on your island counter top to show the lifestyle.

The most important thing to remember is the less you have the bigger kitchen will look. You also want to show your kitchen is a great place to come together as a family or friends to hang out.

Shopping for Staging Items on a Budget

Check out some of IKEAS kitchen galleries for inspiration. If you don’t have a kitchen island, you can purchase one for anywhere between $80-$300 from IKEA. You can also pick up chopping blocks, fruit bowls and vases for under $20. Kmart has various cheap dinnerware, which you can use to set up on your countertop or stack neatly under your kitchen island. Also, visit Bunnings for some live herb plants and decorative pots. Don’t forget to visit your local fruit and veg store and pick up a bag of nice green apples or lemons.

If you are unable to find most of these things, we carry an assortment of chopping boards, fruit, cheeses and bench top items with us.

Take a look through our gallery of some of the amazing kitchens that we have photographed along the South Coast!