When selling a home, most realtors and home owners know that they should hire a professional real estate photographer, but don’t know what to look for when selecting the best photographer for the job.

The right real estate photographer is an intrinsic part in your marketing; effectively making them an important member of your team.

When buying or selling a home, most people start their research online, where high-quality, professional photography dominates. When searching real estate websites; looking for that perfect home, eye catching photos that have that “wow” factor are likely to be ignored.

In a competitive market, professional photos are your first, and sometimes only way to impress potential home buyers, looking online for a new home.

So, in order to find the best fit for you, there are some important qualities that you should look for when selecting the right photographer for the job:

BRAND VALUES – Does the quality of their work match your core brand values?

Branding is the way that clients can connect and identify with your company. Just as all real estate agents don’t provide the same service – not all photographers produce the same level of quality.

When looking at the quality of photography that your photographer provides, do these images match up with your brand, image and how clients see you? Does these images show you as a high-end agent who provides top services and results? If no, then you need to reconsider your photographer.

VALUE FOR MONEY OR MONEY FOR VALUE? – Are they more expensive than other photographers?

Cheapest does not always mean the best. Try to avoid looking for the cheapest

Don’t look for the cheapest photographer, because you might be wasting your money on poor-quality work. Instead, it is a better idea to find a professional real estate photographer who has experience in the industry, because the photographer can help you to position the listing in a way that could potentially increase the perceived value of your home.

When meeting and talking with new potential clients, a marketing portfolio consisting of professional photography could motivate the client into signing the dotted line. Clients are more likely to go with a realtor that uses professional photography rather than a realtor that takes photos on their iPhone or uses poor quality photos.