Kitchens are generally the heart of the home; we cook in it, entertain in it, take a coffee break in it – there is generally no rule that says a kitchen is only used for one thing! So when award-winning kitchen designers, Innovative Kitchens of Victor Harbor, asked us to take a set of professional photos of a kitchen they recently designed and built, we couldn’t wait to tackle this project. In fact, we were so impressed with the use of space (from casual living to sophisticated entertaining) that we decided to ask Innovative Kitchens if they could provide us with some insight into the design theory and materials used to create this amazing space.

There is a place for everything in this huge kitchen! We just love the spaciousness, the cabinetry; particularly the mirrored splashbacks. What’s the story behind the design of this kitchen?

A: It was important to our client to have a streamlined kitchen that capitalised on the outside views and with an open space suitable for entertaining.

The mirrors splashbacks and 2 Pac gloss finish were used to reflect the views and to create the illusion of an open space. Standing in the kitchen, the mirrored splashbacks bring in the breathtaking views of rolling hills and the ocean, into the home.

The materials used to build the kitchen certainly cover sleek and urbane; in particular, the island bench, which is pure visual elegance against the McLaren Flat backdrop. What materials were used in building this kitchen?

A: The cabinets were made with a 2 Pac Gloss Classic style in Solver Feather Dawn. The island bench feature was made with European Oak Slab in Herringbone Pattern; Stained Chocolate. The benchtops were made from Essa Stone “New Basmati” 60mm.

The kitchen is very bright and glossy and designed in a way that your eye can move naturally from one thing to the next. What types of things did you consider when designing the kitchen for this particular home?

A: The client wanted a sophisticated kitchen, so colour palette and materials were keep to a bare minimum; making the mirrored splashback a major focal point. As an entertaining area, the island bench, which is handcrafted from solid timber and 2500mm long x 900mm wide, was designed for this purpose.

What considerations did you give when choosing or recommending the fixtures?

A: The fittings, a Hettich strip light, has a multi-purpose use. The strip light is not only a focal point, but provides ambient lighting for entertaining.

This kitchen is being entered into the HIA (Housing Industry Association), which awards designers in the building industry for outstanding work. We wish Innovation Kitchens the best of luck and also have our fingers crossed that this kitchen receives the recognition from the HIA that it deserves! Good luck, guys!

To learn more about this kitchen, you can contact Innovative Kitchens by phoning (08) 8552 2090 or send them an email at