Following on from my last post about common questions that I am asked while out on the field, this is another one I commonly get…”How long does it take you to edit the photos?”.

Well, it can take anywhere from 2-6 hours; depending on the size of the job, type of job and how many photos I can been asked to deliver.

A common misconception, is that the photographers only take one photo per room, go home and edit the photo, and then it’s done! This isn’t the case. One room can easily be a mash of 2 or 3 images – sometimes more if there are scenes outside the window that need to be ‘pulled’ into the photo, i.e. ocean views, nature, greenery – just not the neighbours rusty fence!

Another problem when editing photos can be that there are weird colour casts in the photo (like oranges and yellows), the walls may not be perfectly straight or the white balance is completely off. All of these things need to be corrected during post to ensure that the delivered image is as close to what you would see with the naked eye. It can be a very technical process; especially, if you are blending several photos together. They all need to be adjusted so they all match perfectly.

There are also days where the weather just doesn’t want to behave for the photographer! Rain and clouds can hinder shoots; in particular, outside exterior shots look dull and flat. That said, I welcome this weather for interiors, because the house is void of any nasty shadows. If only we could have both all the time! So sometimes we need to do sky replacements to help brighten dull photos. Nobody wants to see dark, grey clouds!